Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why you need a Workspace

Working and living in the same space can be difficult, it can sometimes appear that you are always “at work”. Whilst there are certain benefits of working from home, there are also as many drawbacks.

I love working from home, I love the flexibility of being able to spend time cooking in the kitchen with a laptop on the dining table, tweeting, stirring, blogging and chopping! However there are definately times when the work part of the work life balance spills over into my private life when I wish it wouldn’t.

To counter this, I also have a workspace setup in the corner of my bedroom with a PC and a phone. Not an ideal solution but better than constantly working from my dining table. The most ideal solution could be a seperate room where I could close the door and work with some peace (I have 3 children), however some may argue that this would defeat the object of working from home. The most important thing to my mind is to create the perfect work life balance and this is where setting aside a perfect workspace for you is important.

Notice that I said setting aside a perfect workspace for you, what works for me may not work for you. As I have said, sometimes working from my kitchen table is the perfect solution for me, whilst other times I need to shut myself away in my bedroom office to get a bit of quiet time. But what is apparent is that to effectively work from home you need to designate a workspace. It need not be the most regal of offices, but simply somewhere to switch off from home life and focus on the work life.

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