Saturday, October 3, 2009

Email Marketing: How to Make Money With List Building

One of the biggest weapons of Internet marketing, is email marketing. Apart from the relentless spam mail you may receive from email marketing, it shows to be an effective technique in modern day marketing. If you had a targeted list of leads to play around with, you will soon realize the true power of email marketing and how you can turn first time buyers to returning buyers.

The Key to Email Marketing

The idea of email marketing is to find targeted quality leads. This doesn’t mean you should go strolling around the web, trying to find an out of date list of supposedly 25,000 targeted emails to spam messages to, but rather, build up a list of leads 1 by 1 your self. What determines the success of email marketing is the quality of the emails in the list, rather than just the big numbers. The key to email marketing is totaling up the number of quality leads, that are already generally interested in the product your trying to promote. If there were a choice of 250 quality leads opposed to 2,500 leads, I’d go with the 250 quality leads in a heartbeat. That brings us to the next step, methods on how to find quality leads.

Methods on How to Find Quality Leads

The thing about email marketing that makes it so unique opposed to other styles of marketing like search engine optimization, is that email marketing generally turns viewer curiosity into buyers, whether it to be through video, through text, through audio, whatever, they make use of all of these opportunities to contribute on to their list and you should too. Here are some great methods to attract more subscribers to add onto your list.

  • Offer a free e-book, or something enticing to give a reason for new readers to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Use video marketing in effect to your list building campaign.
  • Carry on using web 2.0s like Squidoo, to contribute to your list of subscribers.
  • Make use of popular article directories like EzineArticles, that have potential leads.
  • Attract viral attention from social networks like Digg or Stumble Upon.
  • Optimize to rank higher in the search engines.
  • Look for leads offline.

The Best Part: Monetizing the List

After you have pulled through a couple of strings to get a reasonable amount of subscribers, your next response is to monetize off your list! Now, your first instance, may be to start sending messages right away, however, you don’t want to pester your list and scare away the targeted subscribers that you worked so hard to earn, but rather, savor that power. Timing is always a complex issue for most marketers as they want to make money now, but you must realize that you are dealing with people who put forth their personal information just to hear what you have to say. And the moment they subscribe and they see 10 messages being sent to them everyday, is the moment they will unsubscribe and worst of all, have a bad impression of you as a marketer. Supply a reasonable amount of messages that follow a certain routine that seems ethical and stand by it. To create a long lasting profit with your list, you must also learn how to maintain it. Being too hasty will just get you nowhere.

Here are some great affiliate networks you can join for free to promote products that are somewhat relevant to your listeners’ interests.

Maintaining Your List: How to Make Your Subscribers Happy

Probably the most hardest temptation of them all, is to not do anything at all, when you got hundreds, possibly thousands of potential leads. However, patience is also a key factor of marketing. The best thing you can do for your subscribers on top of my head at this moment, is to filter out the useless junk messages and only leave room for messages that are worth sending, sent. No one likes on-going junk mail that becomes so repetitive, that people begin to not to take you seriously anymore. Once that happens, is the moment you see declines in sales and the # of subscribers. If your subscribers are happy, so are your sales.

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