Monday, June 8, 2009

How to Start Making Money Online?

When it comes to start making money online there are many ways available for everyone to start making some decent money online like

• Paid To Click(PTC)
These programs offers you the paid advertisement links, you can click daily if you want to make more money. Most of the sites links are worth 1 cent each and 1 cent per referral's clicks.

Paid To Sign Up(PTSU)
On some of the sites you can get paid to signup just by paste the welcome email after you registered, and some of the sites requires you to click the minimum amount of ads to be credited.

Paid To Promote(PTP)
Some paid to read programs pay you to promote their sites. They give you a unique link and you paste it anywhere along with a banner and when someone clicked it you make the money.

Paid To Read(PTR)
These programs send you quite a few emails, you don't even need to login daily, just read emails and click the paid link to get paid.

Get Paid To(GPT)
These are usually the best paying sites. All you need to do is sign up for different products. Like get paid to share pictures, get paid to play online games, get paid to share links etc.

Paid To Search(PTS)
Paid to search, this means you get paid to click a link that leads you to a search site, If you are looking for something you can search for using these programs and get paid to do it.

& In the Last & my Favorite


As already been stated in previous post about Freelancing. In this blog I will try to cover all of the above mentioned methods but will 1st start with Freelancing

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